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...Where can I email them to you?

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I've just subscribed to your free advice and it is very helpful. I've only read your first two emails, but I already feel like a lot of what happened with my girlfriend makes more sense...

Thank you and keep them coming!
-J. S. from ON, Canada

You Rock, saved my ass

Man, I'm going to have to hand it to you... Fuckin hats off to you, not to be taken in a nicer way you sayed my ass big time. i was desperate and just taking some notes of your advice on things not to do . It made my girlfriend do a 180. It felt unatural at first for me to not do these things but the rate at which it worked was only seconds after i applied your ideologies. Well done sir.

-D. from Washington, D.C., United States

Hey ryan how you been?

Thanks so much dude your plan worked, she called me lastnite just before I turned off the TV and hopping into bed thinking about her, then suddenly out of no where she called me, it felt so great to hear her voice and all but I did as you planned, I didnt ask her about us or tell her how much I missed her and love her, I was doing as you said just small talk and listen to everything she said and I acted all calm and cool. Thank you so much dude now I have to stick with the plan and slowly build our relationship back to where we left but this time I'm a better man, no more jealousy or acting like an idiot and think positive an not so much negative.

Thanks man
From Dennis


thanks man this is really helpful. it puts everything in a different perspective


Good stuff man, she contacted me yesterday.